Our Goal is to provide a practical driving experience to ensure that the lives of our future drivers practice the proper and safest techniques developed and designed today.

Each lesson is 90 minutes duration and contains a minimum of 60 minutes of practice time .Fee per each 60 minute lesson is $65 plus tax, payable at the start of each lesson.

  • We offer:
  • 4 classes + vehicle for the road test $320 plus tax

    9 classes + vehicle for the road test $630 plus tax

    2 classes + vehicle for the road test $220

    Training vehicles for the road test (only for our students) $75

    This is designed for students who required pre knowledge and safe driving skill that will become a defensive driver and make the road safer. The number of sessions required will depend upon the students motivation and apitude for driving. The number of sessions will also depend if students can obtain any supplementary practice between lessons.

    If the client wants to use one of our vehicles during the road test, he/she must purchase the package “C”, with the approval of the instructor. Package “C” also designed for foreigner approval driver license and a Novice Driver who is moving to the license class 5. This Package consists of a 120-minute warm-up/review and use of Canadawide Driving School car for the student’s road test.